Cartier id two concept

Cartier has just presented the new Concept Watch Two, which boasts numerous innovations both from a mechanical-lap view that technology.
Since Cartier has decided to become a manufacture in all respects, he has impressed us fabricating 19 new calibres, including a magnificent minute repeater presented at SIHH 2012, becoming one of the most active manufacturers in the world.
On top of this innovation, we find the department ID (ideas and development).


The climb began in 2009 with the Cartier ID One, the first watch in the world without any lubrication, going against to allegations made by Breguet: “give me ultimate lubricant and give you the perfect watch.”

The result is a watch with two double spring barrels in series with fiberglass springs, boasts a thick, 32-day power reserve.
We also find an escapement with barbell in carbon crystal that does not require lubrication.
The case is a special one-piece transparent white ceramic obtained by vacuum and without screws.
The result is a watch energy efficient, even going against the traditional mechanical watchmaking, he sees a waste of 75% of their stored energy.
In fact, as in the case of the Lange 31, Cartier replica has not used incredibly long springs, but has maximized the efficiency of these, gaining as much as 30% more energy with consumption equal to half, ensuring 32 days of charge in a crate 42 mm.
In fact the charging fiberglass springs, have a surface, which unlike the metal, it causes less friction.
Also they are coated with a polymer devoid of pores that ensures a constant lubrication.
Even the barrel is coated with ADLC, so as not to cause friction.

The transfer of energy to train degl gear, has been redesigned with a “global” architecture, guadagnado the ability to draw the teeth of the smaller gear and efficient.
Furthermore, the gear trains are not more metal, but carbon fiber coated in silicon, which is anti-magnetic, anti-corrosive and incredibly smooth, 60% harder than steel and 70% lighter.
From all this it is expected 1/5 of friction of a traditional clock.

Even the exhaust has technologies that optimize the job.
This fact is built in crystal carbon and realized with the DRIE technology that falls within the tolerance of microns, so as to have a perfect fit between the pieces.
One of the problems that plague the precision of the balance is given by friction with the air.
The energy waste in this case is even 80%.
Cartier watches has solved the problem by putting the case in vacuum, thus eliminating the air and friction with it, bringing a 37% gain.

A summary can be done like this:

30% stored in more energy.
37% reduction in power consumption
500 times in less than air particles inside the case
Tolerances of a micron for many components
5 years of development involving 135 engineers
6 patent applications
32 days of power reserve in 42 mm.
It consumes half of a traditional clock.

This is the future of watchmaking?
Well, Cartier has certainly laid the groundwork for what will be future solutions, anticipating technologies that enable higher performance, giving the material to be studied for a long time throughout the watch industry.

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