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Women’s watch technology model

This watch has three key designs: design, quality and price. With its stylish dials both classic and modern and replaceable straps Italian leather, elegant and feminine watches have different interchangeable straps everyday wear or his mood. In the case of steel is 30mm in diameter, it is very late, its thickness is 6,5mmm and the

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Cheap Patek philippe calatrava 5227

It ‘hard to disentangle the many innovations of the 2013 Basel salon. In this year of crisis, the Maison seem to have spent countless efforts to attract new and old customers by inventing new and more extreme lines, more and more technological materials, losing sight of the true essence of watchmaking, classicism and traditionalism, going

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Patek philippe 5960/1A

Among the most eagerly awaited of the Basel International Exhibition, there are definitely watches Patek Philippe. One in particular stands out among the others: the new Patek Philippe 5960 / 1A Annual Calendar Steel. (Where A stands for the French word “acier” – steel). It was not only the star of Patek Philippe, but but

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