Luxury reserved oyster perpetual Sky-Dweller model

The new Rolex oyster perpetual Sky-Dweller, designed for people to travel around the world for the first time in the classic watch, gold steel section (combination of 904L steel and 18ct Gold) and white gold steel section (combination of 904L steel and 18CT WHITE GOLD) debut. The dial is configured with a rectangular Chromalight luminous pointer with an hour mark lasting light, legible. The new Sky-Dweller was awarded the 2015 Rolex super Observatory certification, to ensure that when the wrist worn to play the outstanding performance.


Oyster perpetual Sky-Dweller is designed for people to travel around the world watch is the perfect combination of elegance, exquisite technology and simple operation. Sky-Dweller brings together 11 patents, in a completely new way to provide information to the global travel needs, so that they can easily grasp the time on the journey. Watch features include two time zone display, respectively, with the central pointer to indicate the location of the time, 24 hours of off-axis disk shows the departure time; in addition, there is a Sara (Saros) innovative calendar device. Sara this name comes from the same name astronomical phenomenon, and this calendar device only in February each year to go back to the school calendar in March. In addition, the dial is provided with 12 month window edge. Sky-Dweller watches enjoy an innovative patented technology: Ring Command rotating outer ring, you can quickly and easily select the function to adjust.

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