Replica omega speedmaster x-33 solar impulse watches

Today we go on a quartz watch Omega House, which manages to attract the attention of even the most purists: the Omega Speedmaster watches, a digital analog clock, developed in collaboration with the project of the first aircraft powered exclusively by solar energy .

The Solar Impulse project, has already beaten many as 8 world records, and at the end of February, the Solar Impulse 2, will take off from Abu Dhabi for the round the world, presumably returning in late July-early August.

Replica omega speedmaster x-33 solar impulse

On the wrist of the pilots of Solar Impulse 2 course, there will be an Replica Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Solar Impulse.

Released for the first time in 1998, the X-33 was dedicated to the astronauts and pilots and was able to do useful calculations on the fly.
With a diameter of 45 mm. It grew by 2.5 mm. During the years.
The grade 2 titanium case is equipped with a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel and weighs only 59.5 grams.

Digital features, enhanced, now can count on three time zones, three alarms, a perpetual calendar, chronograph, countdown backward, timer for missions (MET), elapsed time (PET) and an additional alarm every 20 minutes with an output 90/100 decibels, useful to keep pilots awake during the night.

To animate this concentration of technology is the Omega 5619 caliber quartz thermocompensated, which ensures optimum performance even at extreme temperatures.
Its functions are derived from a patent ESA astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy and tested by European Space Agency (ESA).

The Omega Speedmaster replica watches will be available in a limited edition of 1924 copies, indicating the year in which the United States Army Air Service, has made ila first circumnavigation of the globe.

It comes complete with a NATO strap with finishes in green and offered at the same price of the X-33 Skywalker: 4900 Swiss Francs

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